Statewide Deliveries

Based in Pinellas County, we oversee and manage daily routes throughout the entire State of Florida.

Specialty Prescription Delivery

We know how critical timing is to you and your patient. We have the proper equipment and knowledge available to deliver your specialty prescription with excellence.

On-Demand Courier Service

No matter your delivery level, we treat each delivery with our full attention and care.

Weekly Routes

Save time and money by using our scheduled weekly runs to the same locations.

Organ/Lab Specimen Transfers

Allow us to transfer from patient to recipient with ease, efficiency and attention to detail. From tissue specimens to blood samples, your pickup/delivery is our utmost priority.

Storage Services

With over 10,000 sq. ft. and three tier stacking system, our warehouse will fit your storage needs.

Legal Services

We routinely visit local Court Houses for our clients, as well as the Office of Vital Statistics.

Airport Services

We meet with pilots on the fly for your urgent shipping needs.


We can receive or retrieve your freight and store it in our warehouse.

Final Mile Deliveries

We provide delivery of stored freight by car, van or 26-foot box truck anywhere in the State of Florida, 24/7.

Medical Deliveries

From medical supplies to medication, we have the knowledge and skill to deliver your fragile products safely and efficiently.

Light Industrial Deliveries

We can transport industrial materials. Contact us to see how we can help!

Rush delivery?

Weekly route?

Anything you need, we’ve got your back.

We know how important your delivery is to you. Our driver’s are insured, responsible and uniformed professionals ready to deliver across town or state.